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best instant Redirects URL Forwarder - Wordpress Plugin

Redirects URL Forwarder
Redirects URL Forwarder

A wordpress plugin that masked url is Go Redirects which cloak url and forwards user to the appropriate assign url newly defined for a specified url

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best instant Redirects URL Forwarder – WordPress Plugin


it is a URL forwarder plugin for WordPress that enables URLs like http://mysite.com/go/far-far-away/ to forward to URLs like http://someothersite.com/. It’s a great way to create clean-looking affiliate links or provide permanent links for remote URLs that may change over time. The images below describes it

Official page of Go Redirects URL Forwarder https://wordpress.org/plugins/go-redirects/

It includes analytics for the number of times a URL has been forwarded.

Recently i updated this post since i saw this question on wordpress support

ananddevops (@ananddevops)


I am trying to achieve 2 things for my site. I have searched the plugin pages and have come across many options. Before I go ahead and try a relevant(to me) few I wanted to get personal experiences that you have had using any/some of these plugins, which might cater good possible solution for my case.

Let me detail my requirements below to put things into context.

1. Url Mask – I want to mask url of certain pages on my site. Not all pages, some, which I can select. Then mask their url, NOT forward them, NOT shorten. For example, lets say I have a page mysite/testpageone and I want to mask it to otherwebaddr/hiddenpageurl. like that mysite/testpagetwo to anotherwebaddr/xyzurl, etc etc. And these maksings in such a way that it is not traceable.

Plugin Suggestions

2. Hide Page Source – Hide all/some page source from right click as well as developer tools.

Plugin Suggestions

Awaiting to learn from your experience.

What is the best wordpress plugin to achieve this, so i thought of suggesting the go redirect url though it is not appropriate to mask url only if it is for a specific purpose only that may change in the future.

I would like to let you know the problems of masking url using wordpress plugin or without wordpress plugin enhancement (direct editing of the function.php in the theme folder of the active theme)

Jonas Forsberg, a Web Developers at Roskilde Tekniske Skole Answered: How do I mask URL with WordPress plugin?

If you mean cloak a link to look like something else, Pretty Link Lite does a great job at that. Even keeps a nifty statistic on clicks.

Masking url differs totally from shortening url as described by Jonas

Masking url must bear the domain name while the shortening url may or may not bear the domain name of the subject site

What is URL masking

URL masking also known as Domain masking or cloaked URL forwarding is the process of hiding the actual real domain name url of a particular website from the real URL field of a user‘s web browser in favor of another name.

for example

this url https://shopinson.com/go-redirects-url-forwarder-wordpress-plugin/ maybe masked to forward or redirect to https://shopinson.com/plugins-go which differs from shortening link which may turn the url to this https://btl.ly/Hwy23

I Mr. Shopinson said before that it is not appropriate to mask url now since the reason there’s problem for masking Url with or without wordpress plugin

  1. Inability of the users of that link to share the link with it content contained
  2. Inability of the users to bookmark specific section in the content
  3. It probes danger to your seo (search enigne optimization) ranking because of the crawl is being redirected else where instead of the original site.

brief explanation is need go slowly

A 301 error status means a page and it content is Moved Permanently to a new url link whereby 302 error status means a page is Moved Temporary to a new location the work of the url masking is not to fix this error status but to create automatically two different page with same content it against google content policy for bloggers

HOW TO USE Go Redirects URL Forwarder

This picture below illustrates basically what you can do with Go Redirects URL Forwarder

masked url
masked url

Though we at shopinson may recommend this GO REDIRECTS URL FORWARDER but is not advisable applying it because of the conflicts GO REDIRECTS URL FORWARDER has with the site permalinks and Custom Post Types.


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