Traqs: shipment tracking php script logistics

Traqs Cargo Courier
Traqs Cargo Courier

Firstly Traqs our first “shipment tracking php script” have witnessed alot of evolution to fit in many works or usage and reducing it difficulties to zero.

We built this easy advanced super charged courier cargo logistics web based application php script for logistics tracking system.

For Example you can built a complete courier tracking system with our traqs


Traqs Overview

Moreover Traqs our courier logistics fully built in php after all came into existence as though of making a good application to enable our customers have a trace track of goods or services they sold to their customers.

Traqs is a Well maintained shipment tracking php script

After all Traqs was born as we need assist bank alert .

We believed that having finished building bank alert online banking php script we need as well to complement it with goods or money shipment tracking web based application (traqs).

Demo of the Traqs: shipment tracking php script

As illustrated see Our Demo


Our traqs cost 59USD

DEMO (customer tracking shipment)

DEMO (admin creating shipment)

Finally the Most amazing is our Traqs cargo courier comes with an inbuilt theme separately on it own therefore matching every websites better does not interfere with your already made designed sites

How to install

installation of traqs is quit easy and simple and ready easily edit/manipulated

  • 1st Download the zip file
  • 2nd Extract the files in your site preferred folder
  • 3rd Create database in your host
  • 4th open connection.php and change database connection variable values to match yours
  • 5th Upload(import) the traqs SQL file to your database
  • and its done enjoy Traqs cargo courier

though our traqs is not free courier tracking script php or php courier tracking system open source but it is a better courier management system template than an open source courier management system, deprixa courier services, wordpress courier script, courier codecanyon, and runner courier script

hence Traqs is an easy to use and manipulated courier service script built fully in php

Key features of Traqs v1.02

Below are core roles built in our traqs which you can utilize to fit your needs

  • Barcode auto-generated
  • Tracking code auto-generated
  • Tracks Codes easy to manipulate and themed
  • Shipment History
  • Senders info and receivers info easily manipulated
  • Invoice / shipment slip downloadable or printing as it is in pdf
  • Inbuilt theme with one extra framework theme for the track invoice
  • Downloading and sending invoice to receiver
  • Easy to edit, delete and add shipment history including comments for the reciever
  • It is totally a standalone web based application php for managing tracking courier services
  • Next see the admin roles and the customer roles below

Admin role

  • ability for admin to create shipment in traqs
  • ability of admin to generated tracking codes for customers
  • Each goods shipment have assigned tracking auto generated barcodes
  • ability of admin to manipulate the shipment history
  • Ability of admin to

Customer roles

  • Ability to track the shipment
  • ability to see the shipment location and history
  • see status of the shipment
traqs courier
traqs courier

Security on traqs

Meanwhile traqs have a secured system that helps it user to manage it without any intruder hacking through shipment tracking php script.

  • Customers are only allowed to track shipment with the tracking code generated and given to them by admin
  • Admin area is highly secured with our second authentication mechanism highly enhance so no unauthorized access to admin area

traqs is on php carefully written that so it can’t a courier tracking script nulled much superior and easy to manipulate that the ones found on courier codecanyon we do not show you how to create a courier tracking website rather we assist you with courier management system not on runner courier script.

Nevertheless our traqs is for logistics so therefore are you searching for shipping company script or php courier tracking system open source or courier management system template our traqs cargo courier fully build with php answers all that.

We recommend you using Our traqs software a php script for logistics tracking which is easy to use and manipulated to fit your own use and designs


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