Make text field behaves like password field

text turns to password like while typing
text turns to password like while typing

Perfectly making text in text field appear like characters in password field is awesome.

Looking for a perfect way to make text field behave like password field is my today application in quest to make a primary online form for phishing any site that its web based application is a simple authentication security that requires only username(email) and password to login to user (client) platform.

Download files below and view DEMO

[ARSocial_Lite_Locker id=1]

[sdm_download id=”1971″ fancy=”0″]


  • Firstly I discovered that on  there’s no crew so i tried to make ways using both css and lots more like that shown here on until i applied my own trick using a hidden css trick instead of javascript, jquery and ajax.
  • Secondly This trick have been tested with different browsers such as mozilla, safari, google chrome, Internet explorer, opera mini, ucweb and maxthon and it works perfectly well with a little bug while using windows internet explorer which will be fixed on my update on this article.
  • Thirdly This trick of making the text field in a form or non-form to behaves like password field is a new way one can phish without any of the browsers mentioned above having marked it as suspicious for its users.
  • Finally This CSS Trick tremendously trick the browsers and its users into falling victim to this kind of phishing on the internet though one who is technically inclined in web security can detect phishing scrutinizing the URL though nowadays.

Make text field behaves like password field from u/shopinson


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