A seven-year-old child learns the word “fuck”.

Checkmate, motherfucker.

first learn the word
asian father and elementary-age son sitting on grass outdoors having a serious conversation.


My seven-year-old son learns the word “ FUCK ” from an older kid.

He started saying it at home.

Ben . A. Wise suggested his boy of seven years old can listen to a hopeful thought of him and his wife requesting him to stop saying the “FUCK“, that one wouldn’t have understood kids.


Let’s just say that when our adorable three-year-old twins picked it up from him and started chanting “ FUCK ” with their radiant cheek-chub and a twinkle in their eyes, it really got under our skin.

The breakthrough came when he decided to spell it out.

Since he’s a kid, and kids are dumb, he wrote it out as FAC.

“Is this how you spell the word ‘ FUCK ’?” he asked my wife and me, holding up the paper.

“Yes, that’s exactly how you spell ‘FAC’,” responded my wife.

“What does it mean?” my son asked with a challenging grin.

“It’s an acronym that stands for ‘Federal Association Committee.’ Right, Ben?”

“Oh yeah, definitely. It’s the committee that’s in charge of all other oversight committees, including branches of government such as the judiciary and regulatory.”

It took all of my will power to maintain a straight face and not double over with laughter.

“Wait, what?”

a look of disappointment crested his face.

“Oh, yeah,” said my wife. “They also monitor appropriate content for kids. That’s why you can’t listen to Eminem. If we play it to you, they could take you away to a foster home.”

I swear the giggles were tickling my tummy so hard. But instead of surrendering to the laughter, I couldn’t help but think that whoever said women were smarter than men was clearly right.

“Is that really what it means?!” the disappointment became a frown of anger.

“Oh, yes. The FAC is a big deal,” I chipped in. “Even Donald Trump is terrified of their power.”

He crossed his arms, gave us both a suspicion-filled thanks-for-ruining-this-super-cool-new-word-I-learned-from-an-older-kid brow raise, and left the room.

Checkmate, motherfucker.

Godwin Okeagu NARRATES

Ha haaaaaaaaaa……. I learned well that Ben A. Wise Despise his child coming home with that new word ” FUCK ” that he learned from older child yet Mr. Ben. A Wise Ended up his NARRATION with the quote “Checkmate, motherfucker”

Though I have not a grudge or blame him though all American and those claimed to be learning foreign language, first learn the word “FUCK” that’s their Slogan.

Finally, Just as I thought Fathers play a surprisingly large role in their children’s development, from language and cognitive growth in toddlerhood to social skills in fifth grade so I Do Appreciate You Mr. Ben for what you and your wife did, that pretty lie really helped very well, Kudos


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