BANK Alert: online banking php script

php script in Banking System

Bank Alert

We’ve developed this Pro Internet Online banking app using php script and mysqli extension.

Our “Online banking php script” (Bank Alert) provides a real-time internet banking activities and awesome outlook harnessed with bootstrap.

Core feature

It has this incredible feature (credit alert and debit via sms and email) that worth it appraisals and being mobile friendly and responsive.

The ability to notify the user via mail and sms of any online transaction in her / his online account.

Those two notification are subject credit alert and debit alert which both users receives at each end.


(the bank alert cost 45USD which is a onetime payment that is every update made to the script in near future will be applied directly and will be made available for all that purchased the script to download it from our system without extra payment and we also assist you to install and resolve any issue you witness in future with our script only (FREE SUPPORT) )

BANK Alert is a php script for internet based FINANCIAL banking system

Bank Alert is a php script for internet based financial banking system.

This application enables an organization to fund their user with money.

Also controls the finances

it gives you completely a normal similar banking – look alike internet banking activities that physical bank do offer.

Bank Alert
Bank Alert

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  • upload the db.sql in your downloaded file to your database
  • extract the content files in your public_html
  • open init.php to set your your database connection, bank name, the favicon, the logos, the sms api, email smtp
Account Overview for the Banking
Account Overview for the Banking


Bank Alert demo link : some functions are restricted for demo purpose and server enhancement

Use same credentials of admin to log after installation

for PURCHASE & DOWNLOAD please email:

Privacy: using this application is at your own detriment.

admin credentials

  • user id: SD093233
  • email:
  • password: Admin

User Demo credentials

  • user id: SD093233
  • email:
  • password: User
the admin menu for the banking system
the admin menu for the banking system

Key features

  • Sends alert email and SMS to mobile phone and email address of the beneficiary (CREDIT ALERT) and senders (DEBIT ALERT) mobile number whence a transfer is done
  • logs the last time a user visited his or her account
  • internal sending of mail allowed by users to the system while admin can send email to external (non-users) and internal (users)
  • login access to account
  • retrieval of password (login credential) if forgotten
  • Registration of new account only approved by the admin when registered by any client
  • admin can access all users account without have to login directory to the account of any said user
  • if a user links an external account as beneficiary the system will send money to the beneficiary the money will be deducted but will not be cleared instantly until the admin views and approve such transaction which turns the status to successful
  • if a user links an internal account as beneficiary the system will look up if the account exist in the system and automatically fund the beneficiary account and deduct money from the sender which is automatically approved by the system and status successful automatically.

Security aspects for verification (KYC)
Security aspects for verification (KYC)



  • Account not allowed to be accessed when they are not activated by admin
  • account cannot transfer money until verification proof is approved by the admin
  • account can be banned by admin if the user disobey the system rules and regulation

admin role

  • Admin ability to approve/disapprove and view the submitted Address proof and Identity proof
  • ability to suspend / active users account easily
  • admin ability to fund any user account with any amount of capital
  • admin able to log to user account without logging out
  • admin is able to withdraw money from the user account at any time at the user expense
  • ability to assign a custom currency type to each user account if the set global currency is not wanted
  • ability of the admin to approve any linked beneficiary account to any user account else user may not be able to send money to the beneficiary he/she linked to his / her account
  • ability to respond to users mail via the support secure center within the system

user role

  • Ability to link beneficiary account ONLY to account held in the system only
  • ability to send / transfer money to anyone beneficiary account in the system
  • ability to receive mobile credit/debit alert instant via SMS of any transfer transaction
  • ability to delete any beneficiary account from their account
  • ability to receive mail notification of any transfer transaction
  • ability to message the system support center via the system it self
  • ability to submit verification proof
  • ability to monitor the status of the submitted verification proof



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