AngularJs not working without (ng-app)

angular js
angular js

Without ng-app Angular Js never works on any web application

Angular Js is technically like a plugin to assist every developer in coding which maintains cutting edge of every web application codes to be DRY. (Don’t Repeat yourself) which makes a static Html web application appears Dynamic.

There’s something very very important a beginner too should be away of is the ng-app which is included in the html tag at the begining of any page where it is being used.

when you found out that the Angular Js is not working after doing every possibility to make it work.

below are the possibilities of angular js not working on your web application

  1. Angular Js CDN not present
  2. If jQuery CDN is present and it might be interfering
  3. ng-app might be missing in the code

most importantly for example getting started with Angular Js one needs to include the Angular Js CDN within in between the head tag as shown below

  <script src=""></script>

but Quote me right that even with CDN of Angular Js never works on any web application without adding(including) ng-app inside html tag as shown below.

<!doctype html>
<html ng-app>

so if you try including the ng-app in the html tag withing as showed in the code above Your angular will automatically work as magic and it you will notice the sweetness to work with Angular Js, it is playful and more professional like.

Even easy to understand and learn by beginners with 48hours of so much interest and industrious.



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